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Tribeca Flashpoint Professional Standards (TFPS) System

At TFA, we believe that technical job skills are only half of the equation. Getting and keeping a job also requires a range of “soft skills”—so we provide students intensive coaching (both in and out of the classroom) to assist them in developing and honing these critical attributes (known as the Tribeca Flashpoint Professional Standards, or TFPS).

During your time at TFA, you will have the opportunity to accrue TFPS Points by participating in personal and professional development activities and by personally exhibiting the professional standards. If you are among the top point earners, you will enjoy access to unique opportunities ranging from attendance at exclusive industry events to participation in invitation-only workshops to acquiring a role on projects for real-world clients.

TFA's 10 Professional Standards

COMMUNICATION. Clear and direct communication, with an open mind to possibilities and solutions, with the goal of understanding as its focus.

COLLABORATION. The ability to work together as a team, addressing issues in a positive, results-oriented approach.

INITIATIVE. Instigating projects, developing teams, anticipating next steps, working toward solutions.

PROBLEM-SOLVING. An aptitude for critical thinking, across disciplines, as well as managing tasks, individually and as a team.

RESPECT. Having respect for yourself and others, for the work you create, and for the environment you work in.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Being dependable and answerable for the team’s performance, as well as your own performance and professional conduct.

RESPONSIBILITY. Taking ownership of all assigned tasks, for the team’s performance, and for your overall success.

PRESENTATION. Having attention to detail in your work, your school, and yourself.

ATTENTIVENESS. Being prepared and taking action in a timely manner with consideration for others.

FLEXIBILITY. In the face of constant change, the ability to multi-task and maintain composure under pressure.

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Professional Standards at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

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